Alouette II walkaround


Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


On 09-09-09 the Alouette II retired from Belgian Defence, after 50 years of dedicated services. 

We propose a walkaround of this prestigious helicopter especialy edited for the modelists, as to find some fine details of this helicopter and maybe make a wonderful realisation.

You will find details from the various versions like Medevac, Parachutist-drop or specialy equiped with inflatable balloons when flying over the sea.


Forward view of the cabin The door and position of the lights
The "Astazou" engine The fastening of the engine and oil tank
The fuel tank under the rotor shaft The main rotor shaft
The aft rotor and its protection Details of the aft rotor and position light
General view of the body The cabin with the position of the antenna
Forward view with the aeration open The position of the wheels
Detail of the rotor and the fitting of the blades Detail of the position light
Structure elements on the tailboom
(only "Astazou" equiped)
Rear view of the engine and the structure
The right side with different elements
as on the left side
The pilot's office
Into the tailboom structure The cabin of a Medevac version and the markings
One Medevac version with the stretcher inside the cabin Another version with stretcher on the outside
(both sides of the helicopter)
General view of the Medevac version The cabin prepared for parachutists dropping
View with the doors open The normal cabin version and the overseas balloons not inflated
The overseas balloons in stowed position The balloons inflated
Another detail of the main rotor Closer details on the right side of the engine
The transmission shaft between the engine and the rotor Underside view of the helicopter and the landing light position



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