Airbus A319 -A320 - A321



Text and Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


A321 above Hamburg with german registration D-AVZY (Airbus Industry)


In 1997 the Sabena management under the "influence" of the Swissair, major shareholder of the Belgian company, was placing an order for 34 Airbus A320 series

(only 12 were effectively delivered before bankruptcy) to replace the fleet of American Boeings.

The first one, an A321 variant (OO-SUA) landed at Brussels National Airport on February 26th, 1999 and was officially presented on the Belgian and international press on March 03rd, 1999 by the Sabena CEO, the Swiss man Paul Reutlinger.

This (giant and non-sense) order was the begin of the end of the Belgian National Company who declared his bankruptcy on November 07th, 2001.

We propose a walkaround of this last narrow body of Sabena hopping these pictures will help the modellers in their realisations and so never forgot the 78 years old Belgian National Company who died thru corruption 8 years ago on a sadly day of  Novemberů


  Sabena logo positioning  
A319 A320 A321
The pilots office
Static ports and pitot tube (right side) Static ports and pitot tube (left side)
Nose wheel and probes positioning electronic compartiment door, probes and electrical suppy under the nose
A320 antennas positions
Antennas and services doors... ...under the body Static port and outflow valve (left side)
Catering door (right side) Cargo door Tail cone with APU access door and exhaust
Right wing flaps deployed Under wing with registration and position lights
Upper wing Winglet and static dischargers
Flaps fairings under wing interior side winglet, static dischargers and flight control
Tailplane and static dischargers Trim tab detail and registration positining
Under wing and flaps fairings Main gear and door
Outside view of engine Inside view of engine
Detail of engine cover Detail on engine fairing
Front view engine and nose cowl Detail on first stage fan


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